CRUDE AWAKENING – 6. Oil Field Lingo 1

If I said to you, ” Send out a pebble puppy and a thief to the rig and drill a rat hole,”  would you know what the heck I was talking about?

Early drilling spawned a language all its own.  I thought that I’d toss out a few beginning terms and definitions before we journey into the drilling process. This way you’ll have an understanding of what I’m talking about.

1.Rig – Includes the engine, pumps, draw works used in drilling, particularly in rotary drilling.

2.Rock Hound – A geologist.

3.Pebble puppy – a fresh from college geologist.

4.Roustabout: Laborer on an oil lease.

5.Roughneck – Laborer on a rotary rig.

6.Platform – the base on which an off shore rig is erected.

7.Pulled – removing casing or pipe from a well

8.Punching Holes: to drill for oil, as in, “He’s out punching holes in the ground.”

9.Rat Hole: A slant hole into which the grief stem is lowered while adding drill pipe to the drill string.

10. Scientist – Anyone – whether a roustabout or an engineer with college training.

*The “thief” will be defined in the next segment.


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1 Response to CRUDE AWAKENING – 6. Oil Field Lingo 1

  1. Debbie Giese says:

    Hi Betty,

    I love getting some background “lingo”.

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