CRUDE AWAKENING 7. – Oil Field Lingo #2

So, if  “during his tour, a roughneck punched holes from a rig while watching a stripper,”  you’d think that for a guy he could really multi – task, right?  No, he’s actually doing one project on a time frame.

Let’s get familiar with some more terms.  There are many, but these will suffice right now:

1. Seep – as in oil seep, places were oil literally squeezes out of the ground.

2.Setting – refers to placing casing, or pipe, in a well.

3.Spider – a heavy, steel frame over the mouth of the hole in rotary drilling.

4.Stove pipe – welded or riveted casing.

5.Swivel Necks: rotary drillers.

6.Thief – an instrument for removing oil samples from a tank.

7.Tool pusher – foreman of the drilling crew.

8. Stripper: a small volume but steadily producing oil well.

9.Three – D Seismic- Use of seismic waves to create a three-dimensional image of subterranean rock formation.

10.Wildcatting – the process of drilling exploratory wells.

Now that you all are beginning wildcat oil drillers (A wildcat is a test well drilled on unproved land) let’s take a look at the hazards of pulling  oil out of the ground.


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