CRUDE AWAKENING – 8. Hazards in the Oil Field 1.

Put on your hardhat folks we’re going into the blazing oil field with Red Adair.  If you’d like to read up on him go to and learn more about this incredible man.  He’s an American hero who extinguished wild well fires all over the world.

What is a blowout and what causes them?

A blowout is the uncontrolled release of a formation fluid, usually gas, from a well being drilled, typically for petroleum production.  A blow out is caused when a combination of well control systems fail-primarily drilling mud hydrostatics and blow-out preventers-and formation pore pressure is greater than the wellbore pressure at depth. When this occurs fluids begin to flow into the drill pipe.  If the well is not shut in this can escalate into a blowout when the fluids reach the surface, especially if it’s a gas which expands.  This accelerates at supersonic speed. Blowouts can cause damage to drilling rigs and injuries and deaths to the roughnecks.  Prior to the development of blow-out preventers, blowouts were common and and referred to as gushers.

Oil well fires easily start during one of these.


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1 Response to CRUDE AWAKENING – 8. Hazards in the Oil Field 1.

  1. Rita Leiferman says:

    Hi Betty,
    Your blog is very interesting so far. I’m wondering what made you take this project on? I’m very familiar with Red Adair and since I grew up in Texas I was more prone to happenings in my home state. I dated a guy that was an oil rig roughneck I guess you’d call him and they are a different breed that’s for sure.
    It sounds like you’ve done your homework on this subject and I look for your next posting.
    Alot of good work!!
    God Bless,

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