CRUDE AWAKENING 10. Off- shore drilling 2010 & Government & Gasoline 1.

On March 10, 2010 President Obama decided to open up off shore drilling. I guess I have one remark to Mr. Obama and that is if you’re not going to allow drilling in Alaska, what good is this program.  For all you younger folks and to those whose memories have faded, we acquired Alaska as a state for drilling purposes. Somebody look that up and get back to me.  I’ve seen the Alaska Pipeline and it’s actually pretty, painted white to match the snowy terrain.

On one hand I think that our president’s program is “Too little, too late,” as far as helping what Americans pay at the pump.  Yet on the other hand,  it may do some good if certain things could change.

First of all it will take years to produce oil from off-shore wells, consequently it’s not a quick fix to help our country become oil independent. If increasing domestic energy production was really a priority the administration would direct the EPA to remove its many roadblocks and barriers to energy production.  As U.S. Representative Ron Paul states, “Abolishing the EPA altogether would do much to improve our country’s economy. Instead of protecting the environment as they are supposed to do, most of what they do simply chills the economy.  Polluters should be directly liable in court to any and all parties they harm, rather than bureaucrats in the EPA.” There is certainly profit to be made in perfecting cheaper, cleaner fuel sources, but government subsidy programs interfere with finding realistic long-term solutions. To me, if the market were left alone, private investors would put their own capital into the most promising alternative fuels.  Instead, due to government incentives, resources are concentrated into politically chosen endeavors that could wind up being dead ends. Meanwhile, precious time and money is wasted.

The government has the opposite of the Midas touch. Why are we as American(not so free) people willing and eager to relinquish to government control the most important and sensitive portions of our economy and society?


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Betty Byrd is an editor, author, and actress. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in creative writing, and furthered her literary career through graduate studies at Ohio State University. She was an editor for The Spectator, Ohio’s largest weekly newspaper, and has free – lanced for a national men’s magazine. Betty has appeared in film and television, as well as numerous commercials and mini-series. She is a voting member of the American Federation of Television Artists and also of the Screen Actors Guild. In 2002-2003 Betty was accepted into the Who’s Who of America and in 2007-2008, the Who’s Who of American Women. Her previous literary works include a novel, Trinity’s Daughter, for which she was honored as a local author by the San Diego Public Library. She is also a recipient of a first place fiction writing award for her new novel, Utopia, Texas at the prestigious Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. Betty has had successful book-signings across the country to large crowds at local Barnes and Nobles and other bookstores. She has been featured in newspapers, and appeared on NBC – TV, and radio talk shows. Betty currently lives in Southern California with her husband and family.
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