CRUDE AWAKENINGS: 12. Green windmills – the dark side of a new industry

I’m still reeling from the Deepwater Horizon blowout in Louisiana.  Don’t be surprised if they don’t have to drill another well to stop the flow of oil.  Don’t forget, this was the deepest and riskiest well ever drilled.

Let’s take a break and journey to Bombay:  This is an important story from the Christian Science Monitor:

Yashwant Malche had worked the same piece of land on his parched plateau one day’s drive from Mumbai. As a tribesman, he and his ancestors had been relegated to desolate land like this left out of India’s modernization. In 2007 strangers came offering $4,000.00 and marking off his land. They said they’d build windmills, part of a power project built and sold-in part-to create profits from carbon offsets. When Mr. Malche refused to sell his land and refused to take the money, the people said that the windmill “will stand there no matter what.” This Dhule wind project brought the erection of about 550 windmills on land used by 2,000 tribesman. The tussle over the land resulted in a confrontation between stone-throwing tribesman and truncheon-wielding police, bringing tear gas and arrests. Some 12,ooo trees were cut to erect the turbines.

This project is an example of the dark side of a new industry that harvests profits from green energy and carbon offsets through projects in developing countries.


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