Trinity’s Daughter

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. The mysteries behind Betty Byrd’s perplexing family history are finally uncovered in her gripping first novel, Trinity’s Daughter. A biographical account of her grandmother’s life and mother’s childhood presented as fiction, this moving tale centers around Brya Fitzgibbons.

Brya is born into a wealthy family in Trinity, Oklahoma during the Great Depression. Suffering a tragic childhood, she witnesses the suicide of her father and her mother’s subsequent death in a sanitarium. Torn from her brothers and sisters, Brya is sent to live with her maternal grandparents. For a while, young Brya settles into a happy life with a wonderful marriage. But soon tragedy strikes again when she gives birth to stillborn twins and her husband is struck with tuberculosis.

A young widow with a baby daughter, Brya emerges from these tragedies as a different person. Obsessed by her need for family, position, and power, she leaves Oklahoma to seek her fortune elsewhere, losing sight of everything she holds dear. She sacrifices her relationship with her daughter, has an affair with the Governor of New Mexico, and marries an oil tycoon who provides abundantly for her. Adrift on a sea of hidden secrets, Brya regains a family but not without consequences to her daughter.

A sweeping saga by any standard, Byrd’s tale is all the more poignant because of the fact behind the fiction.